The K Project

A trust founded by the family & friends of Keith Gibbons, to support him financially during treatment in the U.S for a Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor

Keith was first diagnosed in 2007 with a malignant brain tumour. Sadly this was just 3 months after his elder brother Darren was diagnosed with the same. Darren thankfully has responded well to conventional treatment however Keith has Since then undergone multiple surgeries, various sessions of radiotherapy, and regular chemotherapy.

In August, he was accepted into a clinical trial at the Burzynski clinic in Houston, Texas. The K Project was set up family and friends to provide continuous financial support during this time.

Dr Burzynski’s mission is to beat cancer by utilizing cutting-edge, gene-targeted personalized cancer treatments for every patient. For more information on The Burzynski Clinic please visit

Any donation big or small is welcome and donations can be made direct using PayPal


It would be incredible if you could join us. Enquire now to find out more about starting your own fundraising event.